How to activate icici bank i-mobile banking easily from home,

How to activate icici bank i-mobile banking easily from home,

How to activate icici bank i-mobile banking easily from home, i mobile baking, registration, internet banking, mobile banking

Hello friends, in today's new block we will tell you how you can register for ICICI Bank's i Mobile Banking App Banking information has been given and in today's article we will give you information about ICICI Bank's i Mobile Bank App.

Those who have an account in ICICI Bank, we will give you information about how to log in to the I Mobile Bank App and how to run this app, then first of all we tell you what is the I Mobile App, it is an official of ICICI Bank. App through which you can login to ICICI bank account and view your bank resume

Or we can also say that this is a medium of internet banking through which you can get the facility of online banking. Three which can be seen as well as you can handle your entire ICICI Bank account on your own

How to register in icici i-mobile banking application or create a free savings account

Those who already have an account with ICICI Bank can register in the ICICI i Mobile Banking application and those who do not have an account can create their account. Those who create their account through this application, their account remains online and They are given a lot of facilities

So let's know how we can register in the ICICI i Mobile Banking application, below are some steps to register, which you keep following step by step.

First you need to download the ICICI i Mobile Banking App from Play Store or iOS Store

After downloading, you will have to open this app, on opening you will see the option of register in front of you or the option of creating an account will be visible.

You first click on the register option, after clicking on the option, enter your mobile number, then an SMS will be sent to the bank from your mobile number and through that SMS your mobile number will be checked that from which bank account you have mobile number link

After verification, you will see your account number and some details related to the account. After that you will have to set the password of your mobile bank, that means to login to this app, you will have to create your login password, then you will create it.

So after this, the complete details of your account will be showing in front of you. If you want information, then you can see through this app.

You can also use this app on Google like on the phone, you can use this app to send money to anyone, it provides you all the facilities of every online transaction and internet banking

What are the benefits of using i-mobile banking app of icici bank

If you want to avoid the long lines of the bank, then using the i Mobile Banking app launched by ICICI Bank will be very beneficial for you because on this app you can find out the information which you find out by visiting the bank such as In this app, you get all the information from your ATM card to your bank's mini statement and your passbook print.

If you want, you can try using this app for some time because initially every app will look new for you when you learn to use it then it will become very easy for you because through this app you can get through ICICI Bank Take advantage of all the facilities provided.

Benefits of i-mobile banking app

  • Online transactions
  • Upi payments
  • Pay through qr
  • Use as simple like google pay, phone pay
  • Debit/credit card details
  • Mini statements
  • View all details of your account
  • Help portal

What services does i mobile banking provide to their customers

Now let us tell you that what is the official app of ICICI Bank which means I Mobile Banking App, which service does it give you, although there is some service in every app which they give to their customers, whether you are on Google Every app on the phone to use or paytm is very high and rapid response in terms of service to its customers.

In the same way, a lot of service has been given to its customers in mobile banking, in which all the services related to the bank are given, you are given service in the bank, all that service will be found inside this app like you can get mini View statement Change your ATM and Debit card PIN Order your ATM and Debit card Order passbook Order check book Also you can access your ATM card anytime at any time can block

You can set the limit of your account, also you can check the balance of your account, you can keep track of all your online transactions, together you can take loan from bank, make online payment, do online transactions any Along with the bank, you can also bring this app in daily use, such as on Google and on the phone, pay anyone, scanning the QR code etc.

What precaution we have to take while using the i mobile banking application

Whenever you are using i Mobile Banking Application, then you have to remember your password very carefully and enter it inside this app because your password is the only key which can open this app, apart from this you can use your mobile Do not share the password of this app with anyone Do not share the password of this app with anyone, you will get security in this app by the bank but still you have to take full care of security from your side

From time to time you will keep running this app so that you will take care of the password of this app and you should also keep changing your password from time to time because someone may know your password and use your password incorrectly. If you move your bank money around, then you have to keep changing your password and you do not have to take any tension from anyone else, it is completely safe for you.